Monday, September 28, 2015

Buy 1 Get 1 Tour (feat. Rip Off & Pisakas from Bangalore, India)

Rip Off and Pisakas was in their first International tour to Nepal. Their first stop was Pokhara where Rip Off was scheduled to open for Funerus from USA at inaugural of Pokhara Metal Gathering 2015. But, due to time limitation the band couldn't get the chance to climb on stage.

Though, without playing also they manage to earn some fans and they are looking forward to come back again in Pokhara 2016.

Their next stop was Kathmandu at Funerus Live in Kathmandu organised by Massacre Events where again they had to play along the side of Funerus, Ugrakarma, Dying Out Flame, Obliterating Vortex, Undefined Human and more.

Pisakas started the show with little nervousness but when it was the time for Rip Off, they totally made the crowd go crazy and wild. The "Rip Off or Fuck Off" scream was louder than what whole sound system was delivering.

Hetauda was their 3rd stop at Slaughter House Death Fest 3. which is the annual Extreme Metal of this city organised by Extreme Underground Hetauda. Pisakas really manage to throw out a good guttural show. The crowd was insane and wildly moshing in their set.

Well, Rip Off played their shortest set ever which lasted barely more than 35 seconds on stage.

Their last stop was Dharan at inaugural of first ever kind of fest which was called Grind & Mosh Vol. 1. organised by Extreme Dharan and Distorted Dharan. A total grindcore bands in line up was the highlight of this show. The fest saw more than 350 grinders inside the venue which was unbelievable thing.

Overall, the band has a fantastic tour.

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  1. Thank you for refreshing those amazing memories, We will never forget those moments. Not enough gratitude can be expressed for this amazing experience. Thank you for this review as well.. Cheers!!