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The Chowrasta favorite Rachana Rai

Let's meet the beautiful girl Rachana Rai from the Hills who made her almost impossible dream come true and inducted the name of Darjeeling in the ramp of Lakme Fashion Week 2015.

Melvi - Tell us something about yourself. When you were crowned as Miss Darjeeling 2012 how was the feeling?
Rachana - I grew up in a family who has been involved in the field of art and culture. As both of my parents Mr. Sudhir Rai and Mrs. Pushpa Lata Rai are local celebrities. My father is a renowned singer from Darjeeling who has lent his voice for movies, albums and television productions and the same goes for my mother.

One things, they never ever force their views on me and I'm really thankful to them for giving me space and my freedom. Let's say, I was the master of my own destiny since childhood. Taking the opportunity to participate in Miss Darjeeling Pahari Pratik 2012 which is also known as Shree Sushri Pahari Pratik actually propelled me into the modelling industry to which I was not exposed before. Winning the crown was not even in my wildest dreams as this had been my first venture in the modelling arena. I felt ecstatic when they placed the crown on my head and I felt so blessed. My happiness knew no bounds when my mother came rushing onto the stage and told me how proud she was, that was the true blessing.

Melvi - Have you ever thought at that moment you will come this far?
Rachana - Never in my wildest dreams would I've imagined to come as far as I've but there's more to achieve and a long way to go.

Melvi - Ok, tell us something about your schooling? Did you ever bunk your school?
Rachana - I've done my schooling from Loreto Convent Darjeeling which has been my second home. I was the school captain, a total need and someone who was participating in all the sports and games that existed. So bunking school was never on my schedule.😊

Melvi - How often you used to visit Chowrasta in those days? 
Rachana - Chowrasta was my favorite hangout. So if I wasn't seen in school or at home I could be spotted hanging out in Chowrasta.

Melvi - After being crowned as Miss Darjeeling 2012 you got a chance to walk few ramps in neighbor cities, right. Would you like to share few experiences from it?
Rachana - After Miss Darjeeling 2012 I got the opportunity to walk for INIFD Siliguri for Mr Kuntanil Das who was a designer and a dear friend of my mentor Mr. Anil Lama. I also did projects for MARK productions based in Sikkim. I was featured in their blog and a project called Model hunt Sikkim 2013 and later on I went to host Miss Sikkim 2013. I've also been involved in beauty shoots with independent photographers like Abel Wilson and Mikma Lepcha. So all these experiences pushed me further into the industry.

Melvi - Who discovered you for Lakme Fashion Week 2015? 
Rachana - Lakme was the best blessing God could bestow on me. I was discovered by a Gennext designer named Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama who's also from Darjeeling but is making her presence felt in the Indian scene of upcoming designers. She found me unique and appealing to her brand so I was contacted.

Melvi - How much you were excited about this opportunity and tell us the whole experience from it. 
Rachana - When I got the call to be her Muse and showcase to introduce her brand, I could not believe my ears. I was more than happy to oblige.

Melvi - How did P.E.L.L.A. find you? And what's your experience with them?
Rachana - The label P.E.L.L.A is inspired by a Japanese art of Wabi Sabi that derives beauty from its imperfections . Models start with being " show stoppers" I started my journey by being a Muse also called the "show starter". I was given an opportunity to showcase the first look of the brand.

Melvi - Beside modeling what are the other things you have been involved?
Rachana - I've been involved in widening my horizon studying working and the best part I am in the aviation industry so I get paid to travel and explore the world.

Melvi - Is there any acting career you have done or thinking to do?
Rachana - Actually I've done a Nepali music video called Aakashma produced by MARK productions where I played the love interest. I am very open to an acting career if given a chance.

Melvi - What are the sites and blogs you visit to expand your fashion knowledge?
Rachana - I love following people more than blogs. The designer I am following for quiet sometime has been our very own Prabal Gurung as his designs are authentic and amazing and artistic. I read magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue,  Glamour UK to get a few fashion tips. Above all the model whom I follow from the bottom of heart has always been Adriana Lima. She has actually been my inspiration and her workout tips have been of great help.

Melvi - Once I heard "Models are genetic.", how much you agree on this quote?
Rachana - Models are genetic I do not totally agree or disagree on this as we have few models whose parents have been models themselves. 

Melvi - How would you describe your style? What is fun and interesting about your style?
Rachana - Style for me has always been about comfort and knowing and embracing the body and features you've been born with. If you love and embrace yourself beauty begins that instance. My style has always been fun and interesting because I've always stylized myself according to what I'm comfortable with. So be it a hat or a huge neck-piece I just need to know I can carry it out so viola that's the happy preppy comfortable me.

Melvi - How did you see yourself progress in this industry? 
Rachana - I've never had an opportunity to moan about the past or be anxious about the future. Progress shall come with its pace and my progress in this industry shall be based entirely on my hard work and effort and God's blessings.

Melvi - When you first started modeling how much you were serious about this profession? 
Rachana - Modelling just happened but when I won the crown then it began to dawn on me that yes I would want to make a name for myself in this industry. Thus hard work began.

Melvi - Who are some of the designers and photographers you have worked already?
Rachana - Most of my designers and photographers have been  closer to home like Mikma Lepcha from Sikkim. Abel Wilson from Kolkatta who's now based in Dubai and then Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama happened and so came P.E.L.L.A and after which I have done a shoot with Fastrack but the details cannot be discussed now.

Melvi - What kind of atmosphere you look forward in your shooting?
Rachana - I need my crew and the people of the shooting to be at ease , have fun so that it cuts the monotony and when u love your job you do not have to work. It comes naturally.

Melvi - From your experience what are the things that makes a good model and good photographers?
Rachana - Good photographers and models are always in sync with each other. A photographer can take out the best in you when he/she understands you and you understand them. So the rappo should be good.

Melvi - What is your opinion on the current state of modeling in India? 
Rachana - Current state of modelling in India's ever expanding ever progressing demanding and as always fast paced.

Melvi - How much do you believe in this, success depends more on what you know than whom you know?
Rachana - We need to know the art the pros and cons of anything in particular that we want to pursue in order to be successful because we may know a lot of people in the industry but if you have no clue about the industry itself no one shall be of any help.

Melvi - What will be your piece of advice to new comers? If they tries to contact you would you like to share your experience with them?
Rachana - To the new comers just pursue your dreams though there will be tons of people who will try to pull you down , say that you lack this or you do not possess that but remember even an aircraft flies against the winds to soar as high as it does. So strengthen up hold yourself high and go after what you love. I will be more than happy to share what little experience I have been through like I said I am no where near to many who've already reached the zenith. I am still learning.

Melvi - How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?
Rachana - Wow modelling has strengthened me I think. In this cut throat arena when you've so many aspects that make you feel like you are inadequate in so many ways, and still to achieve what little you have instills so much faith and hope you come back with a new zeal. The familiarity and what little fan following you have back home makes you feel wonderful too. He He

Melvi - If you get invitation too work in Fashion Industry of Nepal. Will you accept the offer? 
Rachana - Definitely, there I will happily oblige.

Melvi - Name at least 5 things that we don't know about you or didn't came up in this interview.
Rachana - Okay I love adventure sports I have done rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, kayaking. I've played state level hockey and I love singing. I have sang for an musical album in Darjeeling. I also love dancing and have trained in Kathak and Bharatnatayam when I was a kid.😊

Melvi - Ok, this space is for you. You can say anything here like, message to our readers, or things that we forgot to ask or you felt like sharing with us. 
Rachana - Thank you for this opportunity , Lakme  has just been one laurel but I need to do a lot more in order to proudly say I made a mark in this industry but I shall strife and make a name for myself with Gods blessings and I have learnt one thing in life "If you want something all of the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." Who would have known a girl from Darjeeling who was unsure of her looks and features achieve what little she has. Miracles around every corner just keep your eyes open and tread fearlessly in life's journey. God bless.

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