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Love your flaws because they are what make you flawless! - Jenna Bracewell

Jenna Bracewell is currently signed to Global One Management
Contact : Jenna Bracewell

Pic by, Jarvis Richardson

Melvi - Greetings Jenna, please tell us what are you doing these days? 
Jenna - Well I have lots of projects I am working on. Runway shows, Photo shoots and School. I keep very Busy!

Melvi - Can you tell us little more about your modeling career? How and when you started and more?
Jenna - I started when I was 13 years old, I got signed with my current management company Global One, Ltd. In Los Angeles, California. I also intern and model with A la Carte Models and Designers staff agency in Houston , Texas.

Melvi - What are the things you have achieved from this industry till now? 
Jenna - I have made the covers of 2 magazines, several published Editorials and modeling shoots for Designers. I was voted as one of Houston Texas's Top Models and I have received several awards from World Wide Star Search, 2 years in a row for Star of the Year in Los Angeles California.

Melvi - What part of modeling field makes you feel so proud and why? 
Jenna - I work hard and pride myself on being professional but also inspired girls to love who they are. I think its important to be a role model for anti-bulling, and having the opportunities to work in my community and volunteer my time to give back.

Melvi - Please share few words about the latest issue of Obscurae Magazine? How was the over all experience?
Jenna - I have been published in Obscurae Magazine a few times, but I have to say it was an honor to have received the cover! The shoot for the cover and editorial took place in Balcher Park , California. Designer gowns from Mysterious By NPN , Nicolas Nguyen . One of the best photographers Suzy Taylor, Suzy Taylor Photography! Shooting on location is Amazing something I want to continue to do!

Melvi - What do you really want to accomplish from this fashion industry? 
Jenna - I want to keep growing and sign with different agencies that will allow to travel the world! Also to build on my fashion design career.

Melvi - What's the best thing about you and your style? 
Jenna - I love fashion!! Always staying head of the trends and current on my style. I always have my hairstyle with bangs, its my trademark look!

Melvi - How modeling has changed your other aspects of your life? 
Jenna - Well for me its humbling to receive the compliments about my work. It has giving me the confidences to achieved my goals. Giving me skills to network and continue to grow my career.

Melvi - What are the things that makes a good model? 
Jenna - Always being professional. Always working on your career. Always willing to learn. Take the criticism and learn from it.

Melvi - What are the projects you are currently involved? What are we going to get from Jenna in coming days? 
Jenna - I have several runway shows booked and shoots for different publications.

Melvi  - 5ive things we don't know about Jenna Bracewell.
Jenna - I am a percussionist , Yes I drum! I sing and I am an actress, I am a fashion design student and competitive swimmer

Melvi - Lastly, this space is for you. Any words to our readers and your fans? 
Jenna - I want girls everywhere to know, that beauty comes from with in. So love your flaws because they are what make you flawless! Always follow your dreams!

Photo Credits : Published work in Obscurae Magazine December 2015.
Designer : Mysterious By NPN
Photographer : Suzy Taylor Photography
Asst. Makenzie Cheatham and Ashlyn Delta. Location, Balch Park, Springville California.

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