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I feel proud when I produce an image that provokes a reaction. - Sarah Maria Paul

Sarah Maria Paul is a professional model and actress based out of the NYC/Philadelphia area. Her work has appeared in calendars, print magazines, online magazines, books, and advertisements internationally. Sarah’s portfolio and experience ranges from exceptionally sexy to sweet and wholesome. She is available for glamour, boudoir, bikini, fitness, print, commercial work, casting calls and commissions. 

With several large projects in the works, including The Reliquarian, which she is currently on set for, you won’t want to miss keeping up with Sarah’s work and career!

Contact : Sarah Maria Paul

Read our Exclusive Interview with her. 

Pic by Harry Connor 
Melvi - How are you and please tell us what are the things that's keeping you busy these days? 
Sarah - Things in my world have been great lately, I have been keeping busy booking shoots, collaborating ideas for new shoots, networking, and just having fun!

Melvi - Can you tell us little more about your modeling career? 
Sarah - Well, I am a glamour and swimsuit model from the Philadelphia/NYC area. I can be found on facebook & Instagram and I recently launched a website I’m hoping to have my online store open by January 1st!

Melvi - What are those things you have achieved so far in this industry till now? 
Sarah - So far I have had great experiences shooting for several magazines and working at fashions shows & trade shows. I was on the cover of 2 difference books, just last year!

Melvi - What part of modeling makes you feel so proud and why? 
Sarah - I feel proud when I produce an image that provokes a reaction. Sometimes at a photoshoot you can take 200-300 images just for that one “money shot” that exemplifies emotion. All that is worth all the hard work involved. And of course it is great to be published!

Melvi - We noticed that you are in cover of Modelz View. Would you like to share few words about this issue? 
Sarah - I’m very proud of this issue since it was my first magazine cover. I’m thankful to have worked with a talented photographer on this set. I will be selling autographed copies of this magazine on my online store!

Pic by Serena Start

Melvi - What do you really want to accomplish from this industry? 
Sarah - I would love to transition from Modeling into Acting. There are many actresses that got their careers started by entering modeling first. 

Melvi - What's the best thing about your style? 
Sarah - The best thing about my style is it never gets old – no tattoos, no piercings, it’s just simple & sexy.

Melvi - Which is the best part of your body you like most?
Sarah - The best part about my body that I like most is my long dark hair. 

Melvi -How modeling has changed your other aspects of your life? 
Sarah - Modeling has changed other aspects of my life because I take very good care of my health and outlook appearance. I don’t do drugs or smoke, and only drink socially. 

Melvi - What are the things that makes a good model? 
Sarah - I am always reliable, on-time and prepared for shoots. I’m selective about who I work with and protect my reputation carefully. I practice facial expressions and poses in my free time which help me when I’m on set. 

Melvi - Will you like share few words about your upcoming works? 
Sarah - Yes! I have just been published in the January Edition of Manic Magazine and Vanquish Magazine – which I am very excited about because they were both released on the same day. I have a calendar shoot in Hawaii in January and I can’t wait to get new bikini shots!

Melvi - According to you who's the sexiest and hottest girl living now? 
Sarah - There are two. Megan Fox and Blake Lively. 

Melvi - Is there any weird and best compliment you recall from your work? 
Sarah - I get weird compliments all day long on both Instagram and Facebook. Someone today just told me they licked their phone when they saw my picture.Weird but still flattering lol.

Melvi - 5ive things that people don't know about Sarah Maria Paul. 
Sarah - 1.) I am half Filipino. 2.) I’m a huge music fan. 3.) I’m not a morning person. 4.) I love watching classic movies and 5.) My favorite drink is a cosmo.

Melvi - Lastly, this space is for you, any words to our readers and your fans? 
Sarah - Thank you, thank you to anyone that is following my work through social media. I really appreciate it! If you are not one of my followers, you can follow me on Instagram - @sarahmariapaul or on Also, check out my website – and stay tuned for the launch of my online store. 

Pic by Dawn Dougherty

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