Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Error - Dirty Raw Noise Grind from Dharan

Facebook Page :- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Error/216859561694513?fref=ts

A few friends in Dharan, Nepal who derived the name from "error" which comes in your pc or in some kinds of gadgets came together to form a band. They were willing to do "raw dirty grind noise" in Dharan. Their major influence was Wakk Thuu due to their dedication and love towards D.I.Y. in local scene. Also they are influenced by foreign bands like Napalm Death, Warsore, Snuffx, Insect Warfare, Ass To Mouth, Noisear, Sordo etc.

The line up consist of Saurav Khafle, Edip Rai, Cyborg Magar, Nimbus Rai and Milan Rai. They have played numbers of gigs and also they have released their demo War Victims in 2014 which has the songs like Fuck The Mainstream, Girija Ta Balla Marecha, Masturbation My Only Choice, Miss Pornoanchal and Cops Busted My Weed.

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