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Pushpa Gurung - Winner of Miss College 2015

Pushpa Gurung is young and beautiful girl from Pokhara who is recently crowned as Miss College 2015. She is passionate and energetic, kind and beautiful, totally dedicated to her work and dreams. She also works as a Video Jockey at Golden Eye TV and Radio Jockey at Radio Chhunumunu.

Official Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pushpa-Gurung/841431902546663

Melvi - Hello Pushpa, first of all congratulations for winning Miss College 2015.Please tell us why do you choose to be a model? Are you thinking to make this field your career?
Pushpa - Thank you ! so much. Since early age I had love to dress up n do make up and I' m just starting my journey to be a model. After being winner of Miss College 2015, I gave a thought to continue and promote Nepali Fashion Industry nationally and globally.

Melvi - How much do you know about Fashion Industry?
Pushpa - Well , I am just a beginner so I do not know much about fashion industry but I think fashion industry includes ramp walk, photo shots, management, talent development, commercials, professionalism etc. In this era of global trade, the high fashion runways are just one part of the business industry of textiles and industry that ranges from high luxury brands to fast fashion retailers and the thousands of companies which sell clothes ,shoes and other textile products. It is also part of business I think.

Melvi - What are your goals as a model and how do you see yourself progress in this industry?
Pushpa - As a model I want to be an inspiration to others. I want to promote Nepali Fashion Industry. My goals are making myself a name and fame. I am looking forward to do music videos, photo shots different photographers that bears a unique idea and themes. And becoming actress is in my list too.

Melvi - Have you attended any modeling courses or any other related courses?
Pushpa - Yes,currently I am attending acting classes so that I will improve my acting skill and also Jumba classes in order to be fit and healthy . About dance I learnt it already when I was in school which I am still practicing at home.

Melvi - What do you want to accomplish in this industry?
Pushpa - After entering this industry, I am thinking to become an example of good Nepali lady who values her career and customs. Beside this, I want to change the perspective of those people's who thinks modelling is not a good field. Moreover ,I want more opportunities, love, respect, support and also I want to share my experiences, knowledge, love and gratitude towards people .

Melvi - Ok, who do you think are successful models in Nepali Fashion Industry?
Pushpa - There are lots of models we can see nowadays .They all are very talented, beautiful who has a perfect look, body figure and so energeti. They are really so conscious about fashion .For instance : Priyanka Karki, Keki Adhikri, Pakriti Shrestha ,Paul Shah, Nirjan Thapa. From my view, they are successful models in this industry.

Melvi - Is there any person you follow from Nepali Fashion Industry?
Pushpa - Yes, she is my ideal person and inspiration. Her name is Namrata Shrestha. I love her charmness, attitudes, acting skills and the way she dresses and talks. Above all, she is one of the most gorgeous and intelligent woman of Nepal. I have never missed any movies of her till now. November Rain is the best movie of her in which i love her character more than a lot.

Melvi - From your point of view what things makes a good models and good photographers?
Pushpa - Good experiences, impressive styles, confident body language, ability to do interview well makes models look good.The way they carry themselves well, dressing sense, positive attitudes, etc are the main things that makes a good model. And for me photography is all about using the best equipment, tools, and software and knowing how to use. Qualities like creativity, good coordination of hand and eye ,ability to focus on the tiny details as well as big pictures, curiosity and so other things makes a good photographer. I know bit about these thing because my sister and brother are photographers and I am trying to learn from them more.

Melvi - Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs do you visit most often? 
Pushpa - I read every day The Himalayan Times newspaper. Saptahik Weekly newspaper I read too. Also i go for monthly magazines like Vow, Living, Wave, Nari and Business Age. And I do visit the fashion hub websites to know about new fashion updates and Yeshi Dolma's Blog .

Melvi - Beside Miss College 2015 have you taken part in any other projects?
Pushpa - Yes, when I was in grade 3 I took part in Sano Pari and Sano Babu, in grade 4 I took part in Little Queen and Master King and in grade 5 in Little Prince and Little Fairy .

Melvi - How would you describe your style?
Pushpa - For me style is something that we should create our own, I do not copy style from others rather I wear clothes that suits me and that's comfortable to my body. I do change my dressing on occasions and festivals. But,I like to be stylish in summer season. I believe that we girls should dress up and show up and think that every girl is beautiful.

Melvi - Are you confident that you can make yourself a name in Nepali Fashion Industry? 
Pushpa - Yes ,as i have became one of the decorated beauty pageant winner, VJ at Golden Eye Television. I am confident that I can make myself a standout model in Nepali Fashion Industry. Furthermore ,I am learning acting too to and I believe that I have strong personality that will help me to develop myself in this field.

Melvi - So you are a VJ also. Share some of your experience as a VJ and how did it really helped you to win Miss College 2015.? 
Pushpa - Well, before that I worked as a volunteer in Safalta FM 103.4 mhz for 3 months then again in Chhunumunu FM 87.9 mhz for 2 years. Later, I became VJ of Golden Eye Television .I 'm still working as VJ there. It has been 6 months. I have gained much respect and love from people. Really, someway it helped me a bit to win Miss CollEge 2015 because Vjing brought qualities like confident, ability to speak in front of mass than other contestants.

Melvi - What are good things of being VJ?
Pushpa - There are lots of advantages of being VJ. People will hear and see us. We get the chance to communicate with different kinds of people from around the Nepal. Through all this mutual behavior of communicating we get to win their love, respect and support. We can help our self to develop our personality ,build up confidence, ability to speak and convince people around us to think positive towards life and many more.

Melvi - Is there anything beside Modeling and VJ you want to do?
Pushpa - There are lots of works that I want to do and want to experience in my life. I am a girl who wants to experience new and adventurous things. Though I may get success or not but, I will be focused and very ambitious towards my dreams. I want to accomplish as much as I can. Beside modeling and VJ I will forever hold my ambition to become DJ and entrepreneur. I want to be DJ because, I am a die hard party lover. I want to make people dance to my music and lastly, I want to become an entrepreneur to take my family business to another level of success.

Melvi - Last question, any thing you want to say to our readers?
Pushpa - Thank you for this interview and people who wants to come in to this field be confident and be prepared too because, hard efforts are needed here. And best regards and luck to Melvi Blog & Zine.

We wish her good luck for her future projects. 

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