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Hills Twins - The Cat Lover & Diary Madness.

The duo Suhanna and Joshna who are fond of cats and writing diary respectively exclusively talks to Melvi to share some words on their first single "Din Ra Raat". They wrote this song almost 4 years back and it was just lying in their diary. But, finally they decided to share it with world and since it first release it has almost gained 35,00o views and lots of good reviews are coming from everywhere.

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Melvi - First of all, congratulations for the release of single "Din Ra Raat". Tell us, things we don't now about this song (behind the scene).
HT - We wrote this song almost 4 years back and finally we gave a thought to release it. Or else, it will be just a song in our diary.

Melvi - What was the reaction of your parents when you girls told them about recording "Din Ra Raat"?
HT - They were really so excited about our recording and when they first heard it, they were like this is really good.

Melvi - Are you girls from a musical background family or you two are the first one to take step in this field?
HT - Yes our uncle and their sons used to sing and teach classical songs and we were pretty influenced by them in early.

Melvi - Any thought for making a career in music industry or you girls are simply doing this for passion/love?
HT- We have thought to do something big and good in this industry in coming days. It's our passion and we want to pursue a career too in this.

Melvi - How many songs you girls have recorded so far? Any thought about full length album?
HT - 'Din ra raat' is our first single but we have recorded few covers in past as well and yes we are working for our first album too.

Melvi - Well we are aware that you girls have taken music classes, how did it helped you both to write this song?
HT - We started taking our music lessons when we were around 13 and it really helped us a lot to come with our first single. It's kinda more support to our composition.

Melvi - Have you girls ever been live on stage? If then how was the feeling that time?
HT - Yes we have been live on stage, those feeling was amazing and we are so impressed to see that crowd really liked our performance.

Melvi - Do you girls think that Nepali Music Industry is fair enough with singers and musicians?
HT - We guess it's fair enough.

Melvi - Who came out with an idea to name yourself "Hills Twins"? Any specific reason for this name?
HT - The name 'Hills Twins' was inspired by 'Sister Sledge' since,everyone we met used to ask us if we were really twins and the name came along. Therefore, we decided 'Hills Twins' to be our stage name.

Melvi - What can we expect from Hills Twins in next few years?
HT - This is just the beginning and we believe that someday Hills Twins will definitely rise and win the heart of the audience.

Melvi - Things you girls like and dislike about Nepali Music Industry.
HT - What we like most about this industry is the way it's getting bigger and better and thing we don't like about this industry is punctuality.

Melvi - What's your view towards current state of Nepali Music Industry?
HT - We are pretty new artist in this industry so there is a lot to learn and experience. So, let us answer this question in coming days.

Melvi - Things we don't know about Suhanna and Joshna.
Joshna- My all time favourite song is Thriller by Michael Jackson. I'm also a big fan of Demi Lovato and she has a lots of influences on me.I'm kinda obsessed with stars and all kind of lights in the sky. I'm not much of a party girl(smoking or drinking is not my thing) and I have a diary with full of songs and whenever my friends come over, I like to read it loud to know what they really think about the songs I wrote.

Suhanna- I used to be a huge fan of Jazz & Blues as a child and I was heavily inspired by Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. And I was a massive fan of comic books too which I collected a lot. Beside I love pets especially cats. I love my cat more than I love most people. I believe that the two things that make the world go round are "peace and love".

Melvi - a.) Books or Phone.
HT - Phone

Melvi - b.) Science or Religion.
HT - Science 
Melvi - c.) Economics or Politics.
HT - Economics

Melvi - d.) Money or Foods.
HT - Foods

Melvi - Do you girls keep an idea about political situation of Nepal
HT - Pretty much and it's very difficult to find the roots that causes the damages and problems of Nepal. The unfortunate thing is that nothing has been undertaken to find a solution to this problem.

Melvi - Any thought on why young and educated people are leaving this country?
HT - Most youths leave the country in a hope of finding a better place, a better income, a better livelihood because they think that their country has failed to render proper economic sustenance.

Melvi - Lastly, any words to your listeners?
HT - Hi guys. As some of you may have already heard our first recording. We hope you all gonna enjoy our next recording too that is coming very soon. This recording is going to have few changes in our style and yeah, it will be exciting. 

Melvi wishes Hills Twins a bucketful of good lucks for their future projects.

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