Monday, August 31, 2015

Walk in Deathcore with Desperate Mile

Desperate Mile originated from Lalitpur Nepal playing under the influence of Suicide Silence, Steel Puppets, Carnifex, Thy Art is Murder, Slaughter to Prevail and more. They plays a very impressive style of Deathcore where there originals like Kill Will Hate, We will prevail reign and Hate & Regret has gained a huge success in local gigs.
Sushan on drums, Avisekh and Luman on guitar and Shisir is currently leading the Desperate Mile to another level of deathcore. Meanwhile their former guitarist Bhupen often guides them.
Till now they have played numerous shows and some worth mentioning are Heavy Fucking Gig, 04, Ugly Duckling Show, Brutal Lunch Box Vol.3, March Metal Madness, Noise Till Deafness Vol.2, Last Disaster and more.

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