Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fave, Or & Temptation with Pritam Gurung

He is 18 years old and the student of Nepal Tourism and Hotel Mgt. College and currently he holds the title of Mr. College Nepal 2015 and 1st runner up of Mr. Tiara Nepal 2015.

Name - Pritam Gurung Nickname - Kalu Birthday - 1997/06/29 Fav drink - Sprite with Lemon Fav Food - Chicken Nachos Salad Fav place - My room Fav colour - Blue and white Fav cafe - Station [Mahendrapool] Fav quote - Never regret your past. Fav actor - Leonardo Decaprio Fav actress - Jennifer Lawrence Role model - My father Fav director - Justin Lin Fav model - Jon [ Milan for Emporio Armani and Paris for John Galliano]
Fav singer - all from 1D Fav song - all from 1D Fav dress- probably classic dress if i should choose.

Ktm or Pokhara - Both Books or movie - Movies Love or money - Love
Parents or girlfriend - Parents for sure. Siblings or friends - Both Umbrella or bags - Bags Shoe or chocolate - Shoes Politics or economic - None
Eyes or lips - Eyes Kiss or whistle - Kiss Boxer or wrestler - Boxer Cold drinks or alcohol - Cold drinks [I don't do hard drinks] Tea or coffee - milk maybe.. Sex or religion - sex mean gender? Music or drive - long drive.

First photo shoot - of clothing store Any video shoot - not yet First ramp walk - at the stage of Mr. College Nepal 2015
First date - can't remember
Melvi - What are you thinking now? Pritam - Currently I'm thinking how many questions are left still to answer haha.
Melvi - Are you craving momo? Pritam - Literally I'm a big momo fan morever a tibetan momos.
Melvi - Missing someone? Pritam - I always miss the best of my friends when I'm alone.
Melvi - Define love? Pritam - Love is like a fever which comes and goes quite independently of the will. … there are no age limits, gender limits, religion limits, and anything for love.
Melvi - Define yourself? Pritam - Well this is awkward! Actually I can't be define by a single word. I'm a free minded boy with a childish nature love to make fun and get surrounded by fun loving peoples.

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