Sunday, October 11, 2015

Interview with Gothic Corpsefuck

A girl from Horrorcore Magazine who lives in Estonia exclusively talks with us about her passion for Gothic Life Style. She is also involved in promoting music and arts. 

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Melvi - Tell us about yourself and what does Gothic Fashion really means to you?
Corpse - To me it's really more like a life style, It's part of me, it really defines me who I am.
I love being creative with my style!

Melvi - Would you like to tell us few things about Horrorcore Magazine Interview?
Corpse - Actually I didn't give my interview to them but, I allowed them to use my pictures. 

Melvi - Beside modeling what are the other things you have been involved?
Corpse - This year has been full of surprises, I got a chance to work in music video, took part in photo shoot with tourists and also I was part of freak show where I was a part of body suspension.

Melvi - If there's no photo shoot and other things to do then how you will spend your day?
Corpse - I might be look new ideas for photo shoot or I just gonna watch videos on Youtube all day.

Melvi - How do people responses to your work?
Corpse - I am amazed with the supporters I have and yes, there are few people to who disgusts my works and hard efforts but, that won't effect me.

My photographer Rauno loves to work with me and soon he is going to exhibit his pictures works that includes me and some other models too.

Melvi - How did you progress yourself in this industry? Would you like to share few words on this?
Corpse - At the beginning, it was more like a hobby to me but, I came so far that I cannot stop here.

Just be creative!!! If you fail don't give up, it's hard but keep your head up and don't let people push you or change you.

Melvi - What do you want to accomplish from this industry?
Corpse - Would love to be merch model the most, also looking forward to work with a lot of different people.

Melvi -  Can you suggest few blogs and sites for our readers so they take it as a knowledge reference for Gothic modeling and more?
Corpse - Sadly I have no idea, but I'm sure there is a lot about goth in Youtube.

Melv - How would you describe your style? What is fun and interesting about your style?
Corpse - CRAZY!!!! I love my dreads the most, I'm chameleon and I love to change my hair color always. Personal Thank You! to Janet who does my amazing dreads!

Melvi - When you first started modeling how much you were serious about this profession?
Corpse - Like I said now it's more than hobby to me so it's really hard to cut line. When I started , I use to be in those sorry lame ass facebook ''modeling'' pages where every girl could be model even if they took only selfies and I quit that, I even left GOREgeous Girls too. Honestly such thing didn't fit me, I have my own facebook page set up and i work for myself and nobody else at the moment I am waiting serious offers to do modeling work.

Melvi -  Name at least 5 things that we don't know about you or didn't came up in this
Corpse - 1.) I LOVE SUSHI!!!, 2.) I hate cold weather a lot. 3.) I enjoy being alone mostly., 4.) I love cats,rats and snakes the most and 5.) Soon I am going to be a professional in construction and decoration business.

Melvi - Is it important to have role model in our life? If then who is your role model and why are they yours role models?
Corpse - At early age Marilyn Manson was like a god to me and  he still is. I remember the time when i first saw him in the TV and then i told my mom : ''Mommy if i grow up I'm gonna be just like him'' and it didn't took so long. When I was 14 I already wanted to dressed differently also got my own view on things. So I must say Marilyn Manson. Thank you for being my role model and show me the way who I really am.

Melvi - Ok, this space is for you. You can say anything here like, message to our readers, or things that we forgot to ask or you felt like sharing with us.
Corpse - I wanna thank all people who have find me interesting enough to support my modeling, to be friend with me and find me interesting enough to ask me for this amazing interview!

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