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Interview with Louise Toms

Louise Toms first entered UK's Dazzling Beauty in 2012 which she ended up winning. She then entered Face of the Globe 2013 and won regional Charity Award. In 2014 she won Miss Publicity, Miss People's Choice and Miss Charity. She was also chosen for Grand Final, but she stepped out because her main priority was World Bikini Model 2014 taking place China where she was representing England. She also represented England in Miss Globe  2015. 

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Melvi -  First of all thank you so much for approving this Interview. Tell us what are you doing these days? What things are keeping you busy apart from modelling?
Louise - You're welcome, Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of it. Outside of modelling I am a personal trainer. I teach Pilates and mentor people to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is extremely important in being a model; looking after one's self.

Melvi - Can you tell us more about your modeling journey? How did you started all this?
Louise - I first started my modelling journey back in 2010 by accident. I got conned into buying some very expensive prints from a "free photo shoot". Once I had a few prints, friends and family saw my potential. I've always been involved in performing arts, especially ballet dance, so decided to contact agencies and go to castings. From there I've been able to build my portfolio.

Melvi - Going through your profile we found out that you have won many awards and titles. How was the feeling when you won those? Is there something more you want to achieve from here?
Louise - I have won "UK's Dazzling Beauty" from my first pageant in 2012. I have also won "Miss Charity" at a pageant called "Face of the Globe" in London in 2013 and Surrey in 2014. I have also been lucky enough to represent my country twice, in World Bikini Model 2014 and Miss Globe 2015. I feel so proud and grateful to have won these awards, especially for my charity fundraising.

Melvi - How important is to win awards and titles in this field? And what does it really means to you?
Louise - It is important to win awards, but more important to impact people's lives and make a difference. That's why I continue to model and to be a beauty queen, to inspire others.

Melvi - Beside modeling what are the other things you have been involved?
Louise - I have been in the media, both in newspapers and on television, sharing my story of how I got into pageants and how they have improved my confidence. I have been to events such as beauty exhibitions, and was a volunteer for a celebrity charity football match "AfCar the Game".

Melvi - If there's no photo shoot and other things to do then how you will spend your day? And what kind of environment you look for in your shoot?
Louise - I spend time investing in myself by getting the right training. I network with people in the industry, and I am a member of a camera club photo studio in London. I like to learn about photography and make up. I go to the gym, go to dance classes when I can and I love to swim. I also enjoy go karaoke, cinema, and spend time with friends, family and boyfriend.

For photo shoots, it can be anywhere; in the woods, in the studio, or even in the water! Most importantly the people I work with must be easy to get along with and are passionate about what they do.

Melvi - How do friends and family responses to your work and what do you want to accomplish for them from this industry?
Louise - My friends and family know how determined and hard working I am, so I know I make them proud. I would love to buy my family houses and so they do not worry about having to live from pay check to pay check.

Melvi - How would you describe your style? What is fun and interesting about your style?
Louise - My style is very girly, and I don't always conform to current fashion. When I'm in London I love to wear jumpsuits, skinny jeans and leather jackets. I also love finding vintage styles from my mums' wardrobe and making it work for me! 

Melvi - How much you have progressed yourself in this field and how did modeling has changed other aspects of your life?
Louise - I still have a long way to go. I would like to be a widely published model and be in more fashion shows. As I am only 5 foot 5, I would like there to be more high fashion opportunities for petite models like myself. 

Modelling has made me a more confident person, and helped me develop my people skills. I have also learnt to be more patient, tolerant and understanding. Especially as I have traveled to China and Canada for pageants, I have changed in the way I no longer take small things for granted when at home.

Melvi - What is your opinion on the current state of modeling around the world? Do you think modeling can sustain a smooth living and can be taken as a very serious profession?
Louise - There are different types of modelling and although very challenging to make a long career with a smooth living, it is achievable. From bridal shows to promoting products, there are many types to get involved with.

Melvi - How much do you believe in this, success depends more on what you know than whom you know?
Louise - That is a tricky one! I wouldn't be headed where I am now without making the right contacts. However, my knowledge contributes to success.

Melvi - What will be your piece of advice to new comers? If they tries to contact you would you like to share your experience with them?
Louise - My first advice would be invest time and courses if you're serious. Hire a coach, manager and make sure you're working well with your agency. Ask any questions if you're not sure. Secondly is never give up. You never know how close you are to a pot of gold!

Melvi - Is it important to have role model in our life? If then who is your role model and why are they yours role models?
Louise - Yes it is very important. My role model is my mum. She is independent, strong, patient and kind. She has always been there for me. Those qualities are far more important than any celebrity could influence me to be a better person.

Melvi - Name at least 5 things that we don't know about you or didn't came up in this interview.
Louise - I am left handed.
I am a Libra.
I love cats! A cat person more than dog person.
My dads family are from Singapore.
My favorite sports brand is Nike. Pink Nike trainers are my favorite shoes!

Melvi - Lastly, this space is for you. You can say anything here like, message to our readers, or things that we forgot to ask or you felt like sharing with us.
Louise - Thank you so much for featuring me!

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