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A good model is someone that has a lot of faces, can let loose and have fun. - Kimberly Truong

Kimberly Tryong was born and raised in Singapore. She currently lives in Australia She loves taking pictures and her hobbies includes make up, music and reading too. She enjoys cooking too.

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Melvi - Do you think modeling can sustain a smooth living and can be taken as a very serious profession?
Kimberly - Definitely! I don’t think anyone tells the Victoria Secret Angels what they do is not considered a “serious profession”. Perhaps most people don’t think modeling can’t maintain a sustainable future because there is a lack of job security. And they’re mostly right – if you’re not 5 foot 7 and good looking, your chances for a successful modeling career are slim.

Melvi - How do you response to people when they calls you sexy?
Kimberly - Mainly say: “baby, I know” and sip my ice tea. Lol not really. I say thanks 95% of the time.

Melvi - According to you what's the difference between "sexy & "beautiful"?
Kimberly - Being sexy does not mean you’re beautiful, but being beautiful could also mean you’re sexy. 

Sexy is having sex appeal – i.e. just physical attraction or chemistry or whatever you wanna call it.

Beautiful is being so much more – probably meaning physical attraction but also personality traits which make you more attractive to a person; them enjoying your company more and so on.

Melvi - What are the things that makes a good model and good photographers?
Kimberly - A good model is someone that has a lot of faces, can let loose and have fun with the shoot while simultaneously looking good. Someone that is versatile and could probably make an Oompa Loompa buy fake tan.

Melvi - How much do you believe in this, success depends more on what you know than whom you know?
Kimberly - I believe this saying has different weightings in different industries. For example, in the fashion/movie industry, it’s probably more helpful to have a few contacts up your sleeve, than say the health care industry. Emma Roberts is Julia Roberts’s niece after all.

If you work really hard but no one gives you the opportunity to thrive in Hollywood or in the sporting world, it can really be a challenge to follow your dream and succeed. Whereas if you study hard and get accepted into the course of your dreams, that’s a totally different story. Sometimes people don’t give you the chance and other times their help is not as important as working hard to achieve your goal. So it really depends on the situation! Overall I’d still say 65% who you know, 35% what you know.

Melvi - What is the best and least thing you like about yourself?
Kimberly - The thing I like most about myself is probably that I like myself. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I’m not afraid to say I am, even though people might think I’m cocky. I don’t really care what people think.

The thing I least like about myself is...I don’t know! I think I’m grateful for all God has blessed me with, but if I had to pick something maybe my nose? I wish it was a bit sharper and pointie.

Melvi - If you were given a chance to go back and repent one thing then what will it be?
Kimberly - Causing my parents so much grief in my teenage years. I was a real pain in the ass – I don’t regret it but if I could do it again, I’d change parts of it.

Melvi - Name at least 5 things that we don't know about you or didn't came up in this interview.
Kimberly - Ok hmm...

1.) Many people might not know I actually did ballet for a long time in my childhood – I did it for about 6 years from the ages of 3-9 or something like that lol. My memory is obviously hazy since I was a kid. I even went to exams and wanted to grow up to be a ballerina! Ha ha ha

2.) I went to a quite a few schools throughout my schooling life – 2 kindergartens, 2 primary schools and 3 high schools

3.) My favourite color is actually pink... Can you tell?

4.) I’m actually Christian LOOOL. I may not look it and probably my actions don’t help sometimes, but I keep the faith. I truly have great faith in God.

5.) Literally 99% of people ask me if I’m Korean when they meet me. It was only recently for the first time in my life this year my friend told me she did not think I was Korean. Also some random person on Insta commented on my photo saying “you look like a Chinese”...lol...

Melvi - Is it important to have role model in our life? If then who is your role model and why are they yours role models?
Kimberly - Yeah, I think it’s definitely beneficial to have a role model in your life. It sets a standard on how you want to live your life and keeps you in line. Even just having someone to answer to keeps you true to yourself; if you would feel ashamed doing something if your role model was there then you probably should not be doing it, you know what I mean?

I think it’s also very important to have a role model you can look up to that’s close to you! (if that’s possible) It’s easy to pick a celebrity, but what if that celebrity goes off the rails? You don’t know what they would do in a particular situation and you don’t really know them personally so in saying that, my role model is my mum and my dad!

I think I take the good and the bad in both of them and mash it up to make my own combo of what I think is good and would like to keep for my own character! And what I think is bad and don’t like – these things I try to avoid so I don’t turn into that.

Melvi - Ok, this space is for you. You can say anything here like, message to our readers, or things that we forgot to ask or you felt like sharing with us.
Kimberly - First of all, thanks for interviewing me! I’ve never been asked so many questions for an interview before so hopefully I made it kinda interesting. Also thank you to everyone who has taken the time out of their day to read this! I hope you at least found something helpful in this whole word vomit of an essay lol.

God bless ☺

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