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I am really proud to be a girl and I will lead my life, family, society. - Elisha Shrestha

Elisha Shrestha comes from a small  but a very beautiful town known as Beshi Sahar. She holds the title of Miss Teen Queen Nepal 2015 and she is currently associated with various social organizations. She is also helping lot of people to recover from recent earthquake tragedy.

She talks about her bad qualities as well about her dream and more in this exclusive interview.

Elisha Shrestha
Email to Elisha

Melvi - Tell us how your life has changed after winning Miss Teen Queen Nepal 2015? How much responsibility you are carrying on your shoulder now?
Elisha - Well before winning the title I was just Elisha Shrestha, a simple life living who was unaware of media attention. After I became Miss Teen Queen Nepal 2015, which was actually a great achievement for me brought attention from various media sectors and field and it feels like dream come true. Well I am carrying the responsibility of all the teenagers of Nepal.

Melvi - Are you involved in any projects? If there's then please share us little info from it?
Elisha - I love doing social works and I am involved with different organizations like Shiksha Nepal, Being Homo Sapiens, Hami Nepali, Nuwakot Jaycees, Voice of Nepal etc. Also I am volunteering member with Nepalese Association Of Rhode Island (NAofRI), It's an association of Nepalese residing at Rhode Island, USA,they helps Nepalese with funds. Recently, they had helped earthquake victims of highly affected regions like Gorkha, Sindhupalchowk, Lamjung, Bhaktapur and now they are also helping us in renewing the cultural heritages of various places in Nepal.

Melvi - Do you have any plans to take participation in upcoming pageants too?
Elisha - For few years I want to focus on my studies to complete my Bachelor Degree with good marks and after that definitely I will participate in other pageants too.

Melvi - Do you think model hunts and contests is going to help the girls who are interested in this field? 
Elisha - Yes of course. All these pageants and contests helps a lot because the new ones in this field are trained with basic requirements, they are given each and every trainings that we need in being a professional. Even those with hidden talents can get a chance to show their qualities in this kind of platform.

Melvi - According to you what are the duties of being human being?
Elisha - I believe being a human we need to respect each other, one must possesses humanity, mutual understanding, friendship, co-ordination. Helping one another is a thing a human must do.

Melvi - How much efforts you are going to invest in order to achieve your dream?
Elisha - Well, I am giving my best effort to achieve my dream.. As my dream is to become a graduate in Health Care Management from one of the best university of USA and establish a well equipped hospital in my own home town, Lamjung. 

Melvi - How do you want to progress yourself as a woman? 
Elisha - As a woman I want to be an independent. I want to build self dependency within me. I want to build up my career on my own and look after my parents, my family in a healthy way on every aspects.

Melvi - As a stylist and as a woman, what are the best qualities we will find in you? 
Elisha - As a stylist and woman, I think I can understand the situation very carefully and present myself as it needs. You can get me as understanding, friendly and caring stylist and woman. He He 

Melvi - Is it necessary to go abroad for higher education? 
Elisha - No, it's not but, students leaving the country are like me who wants to know new things and seeks for better education system. Though, we have a good institutes here too but, it simply doesn't fits some criteria. 

Melvi - We can assume that your home town is very beautiful, would you like to share few words about your home town? 
Elisha - Sure. It's the pleasure for me in fact to share words about my home town. My hometown is Besishahar which is in Lamjung district of Gandaki zone. It's the headquarter of Lamjung district. The town is real wonderful with almost best natural beauty. The typical village of Asia, Ghalegaun lies here. It's the gateway for trekkers towards Annarpurna Trekking route. Marshyandi, the continously flowing river is one of the highlight. One of the huge hydroelectricity project i.e. Mid-Marsyandhi Hydroproject is situated here. With many cultural diversities, ethnical groups the dwellers of my town believes in unity and they are really lovely people, want to give them the best adjectives that my mind possesses he he he :)

Melvi - Ok, tell us why do every girls here (at present context) wants to win a beauty pageants?
Elisha - I think girls goes and comes to such competition to build their confidence and find a certain level of growth in them. Being in competition everybody wants to win and they are too desperate to hold the title to. We all take part in these competition to taste the feeling of WIN.

Melvi - If you have not won the Miss Teen Queen Nepal 2015 then how will you define Elisha Shrestha?
Elisha - Then I would be a common girl who is a dreamer, believes in dreaming and puts on effort to make it come true. An easy going one, friendly enough and the one who loves to enjoy her time with her friends circle. The one who really loves her family and does her best to make them happiest one. :)

Melvi - Raise social awareness and help poor, how much you will agree on this line?
Elisha - I totally agree on this. Social awareness is having awareness of others' feelings, needs and concerns. If we could aware people about poverty on its cause, control and preventions to solve it obviously it helps in reduction of poverty and raise the living style of poor. Hope that social awareness is raised effectively by everyone and we all could help the poor to live a quality life.

Melvi - What are your future plans as a social worker and beauty queen?
Elisha - As a social worker I want to establish a well equipped hospital in my hometown as it is quite far from the main cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara etc. and many innocent souls had to face untimely demise due to this huge distance for the treatment. Beside I am already working with few social houses to earthquake victims and I am always there for those in need with the best help I can provide.

As a beauty queen I will groom myself to turn into a better girl.

Melvi - Please mention 5ive worst qualities about you :)
Elisha - Hmm.. 1.) I need to work on my trust level the most, 2.) I can't let go the one I love and am close to., 3.) I think too too much., 4.) I am quite judge mental and 5.) I am not a punctual person (even mum says this).

Melvi - How appropriate is Nepali Fashion Industry for a common girl?
Elisha - If you choose the better person like the tutor, organizer for events with a good knowledge about these people then it's quite appropriate otherwise there are many thugs and worst people in this industry who just wants to take advantages. One should be really careful and alert here. We must understand this business is full of wolves so, we must do our homework well on each and every people to stay safe in this business.

Melvi - Define dream, beauty and woman in your words. 
Elisha - Dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes our soul and lead us to do everything for acquiring it. It is not the thing that you see while you get asleep but it is the thing that doesn't let you get sleep. Don't ever stop dreaming. Let's dream and do our best effort to achieve the dream.

Beauty is not about having only a pretty face but indeed it includes pretty mind, pretty heart and pretty soul. And beauty is being the best one of oneself from inner soul than the outer because it is the natural process to loose one's outer appearance with the flow of time.

Woman is simply a human being. She is an awesome package of daughter, wife and mother. Woman is a teacher, leader, life giver; even facing the toughest pain in life like delivery pain she is the most wonderful human being to lead her life and family in the most happiest, easiest and perfect way. And yes I am really proud to be woman and I will lead my life, family, society and the country towards the best path. :)

Melvi - Thank you Elisha for taking out your valuable time to answer these questions. Any words to our readers and suggestion to us?

Elisha - Thank you so much for all these beautiful questions and best wishes to your blog. And for readers I just want to say that be a dreamer, have faith on oneself and make the dream come true with the best effort and live in the happiness, success and prosperity :) And being a human never forgot humanity let's stay strong and get united. Help one another and let's stand up and speak up against these discrimination, shortage, illiteracy, scarcity, unemployment, unstability and these worst situation of this country. If we don't speak now then these will remain until we don't act against it again.
Elisha Shrestha

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