Thursday, November 5, 2015

Full Length Album Coming Out soon from Shades Of Retribution

Shades  Of  Retribution
Formed  in  January,2010, Shades Of Retribution  has  an  old  school  base , deriving  influences  from  the  Assamese  culture  and  the  other  regions  of  North-East India. This  being  said  the  lyrics  are  in  Assamese  which  is the official  language  of  the  state  of   Assam, a North- Eastern  state  of  India and  are  in  context  to  the  never  ending  quest  for survival  in  this  region. The  sound  draws  influences  from  Thrash/Death. Idealogies  forms  the  concept  of “ One  Tribe  and  One  Sound”,which  the  band  firmly  believes.
New Album Teaser

Xongram (2010) (Independent Label)
Byortho  (single,featured in the RSJ compilation in the North- East special editon)
Bibhotso  (single featuring Andy Nesbitt on guest vocals of Wolves of Anson from Ontario,Canada)
Mohixaxur (single, featured new vocalist Biswajit Gogoi, 2013)
The  Members:
Biswajit Gogoi – Vocals
Abhijit Dutta  – Guitars
Raktim Baruah – Guitars
Abhinash Mazumdar -Bass
Angaraag phookan – Drums

Follow them on :
Supported the bill at the Deccan Rock Fest’11 with Decapitated (Poland), Nervecell (Dubai), Inner Guilt (Lebanon), Violent Eve (Spain).
Supported NervoChaos (Brazil) on their India tour 2011.
Co-Headliners at Fireball 2011 with Indus Creed in Guwahati.
Selected and showcased in the first season of Bandstand by Hit 7.
Headlined Thundermarch, National Institute of Tecnology, Silchar, Assam(2012).
Co-Headliners at Yaoshang Rock 2012 with Parikrama, Imphal, Manipur (2012).
Performed at Awakening 2010 (Digboi, Assam) with Silver Tears .
Headlined Aabeyantrix, Jorhat Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat, Assam (2014)
Headlined North East Death Fest, Guwahati, Assam (2014)

Debut album “Xongram” rated as one of the best releases of 2010 by eclectic Vibes magazine
Featured in RSJ, The Rolling Stones, TNT, The Telegraph, The Times Of India, Eclectic, Seven Sisters Post in various articles, related posts, interviews, cover stories and various album reviews section.
Released the debut official video of “Byortho” on Oct.2nd,2012

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