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You definitely need to have a great personality, be comfortable in your own skin and work hard! - Micala Valles

Micala Valles is 24 years old published model, brand ambassador and more. She also runs a lifestyle blog Modelvale where she post about her events, car shows, fashion ideas, makeup reviews etc. 

Melvi spend a little time with her to know more about her and her career, style and more. Read below.

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Melvi - What are the things that is keeping you busy these days? Any modeling projects and works going on?
Micala - This year has been extremely busy for me! Not only do I work full time, I also attended many car shows, photoshoots, as well as posting for my blog. Since car show season has slowed down, I have a few photo shoots in the works and also dedicated to my blog with some exciting future posts!

Melvi - Can you tell us little more about your modeling career?
Micala - I first began doing brand ambassador work for several beer companies, and for more opportunity I had to have professional photos done. That's how I started modeling, and after I was invited to model at my first car show that's when it took off. I've been in the car scene mostly because I've met so many amazing people I always see at the shows! 

Melvi - Ok, tell us what are the things that makes a good model?
Micala - Modeling doesn't necessarily mean 'being pretty' all the time. You definitely need to have a great personality, be comfortable in your own skin, and work hard! 

Melvi - How does it feels to be a brand ambassador? 
Micala - It's great being the face of certain brands and learning information about companies to pass on to future customers.

Melvi - What do you really want to accomplish from this industry?
Micala - I would love to be successful doing what I love, but also to show everyone you can be yourself and still make a difference in people's eyes. To become a huge influence is what I aim for. 

Melvi - Can you give us an little info about what is really a "go go performing"?
Micala - Go-Go dancing is entertainment! Not only to 'rave' type of music, but any kind of music. Go-go dancers perform for large crowds; like at events, bars, or clubs. They dance tastefully to the music and pump up the crowd. It's a lot of fun go-go dancing and having everyone entertained!

Melvi - How did modeling has changed other aspects of your life?
Micala - Modeling has changed my life in so many ways! I've met a lot of good friends through modeling, I've gained more confidence in myself, and I've had a lot of great opportunities I'm proud to be apart of that I wouldn't have been if it wasn't for modeling. 

Melvi - What does fashion and sexy really means to you?
Micala - Fashion is all about your style and what you like. It shows who you are and how creative you can be with your style. To me, being sexy is about being confident and knowing your worth. 

Melvi - What do you like most about your style and how unique it is? 
Micala - I like my style because I can make anything look cute. I can wear a pair of sweats and style it to look more dressy. I can wear a men's t-shirt and make it look sexy. Being creative is key! 

Melvi - Beside modeling what are the other things you are involved in?
Micala - I love dancing, hip hop dancing is one of my biggest hobbies. I also love cars, and my whole life basically revolves around cars and auto parts. 

Melvi - Who are the photographers that you have worked with?
Micala - I've worked with so many photographers I couldn't name them all here. I have worked with many photographers though that have shot big time models. 

Melvi - What kind of atmosphere you look forward in your shoot?
Micala - I've learned a lot through modeling and what I want in my photos. As time went on I decided I want my photos to be more classy. Sexy, but classy. A comfortable atmosphere where I'm not pressured to do things I don't want to.

Melvi - On the knowledge of your experience what makes a good photographer?
Micala - I not only model, but I also know a thing or two about photography. I take most of the photos on my blog (if it's not of me), and I always get compliments on my photography as well. To make a good photographer you MUST know your lighting! Good lighting is extremely important in photos, as well as being a good editor. Editing is just as important as taking the photo. Not full on photoshop, but just editing the color balance and making it look professional. Make sure you have a good lens too! 

Melvi - Tell us little bit about your blog too. What we can find there?
Micala - My blog Modelvale is a lifestyle blog. I post about things I do, or events I attend like car shows. I post fashion ideas, makeup reviews, and basically everything. I love writing and posting photos and to incorporate it with modeling is just a plus for me!

Melvi - Lastly, space for you. Any messages to our readers and suggestions to upcoming models?
Micala - Suggestions for upcoming models: be yourself!! Don't let anyone pressure you, work hard, and go with the flow.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me, It's very much appreciated!

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